International Council on Archives Conference, 12-16 July 2011

Sarah will be presenting a case study of the project at the International Council on Archives Conference, University of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, 12-16 July 2011


Addressing Conference theme Four, this proposed ICA (SUV) presentation will provide an evaluative case study of a pedagogic research project which investigates the value of using archives to enhance the student learning experience in the field of Creative Writing.  This six month project undertaken from January 2011, and funded by a University College Falmouth Learning and Teaching grant, seeks to address the fact that while the value of using archives to inspire learning in primary, secondary and lifelong-learning sectors is well established, there has been little research on the pedagogic value of archives in Higher Education. The project theorises ‘the archive’ and ‘the university’ as two “communities of practice” which through sharing expertise and knowledge have the potential to strengthen existing and influence new developments in pedagogy and practice in both sectors. The proposed Conference presentation will suggest a that a new shared community of practice should be established, and will evaluate the success of this project in embedding the use of archives in the teaching and research practices of University College Falmouth (as opposed to pre-existing inreach methods).  In particular, this presentation will address the success of this approach in establishing the University’s Archive Service as a resource for non-traditional users, namely creative arts students, and based on the research findings of the project will go on to make recommendations for future work.

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One Response to International Council on Archives Conference, 12-16 July 2011

  1. Sarah C Jane says:

    As I make the final changes to my Conference paper before I leave next week, I am reflecting back on the project – a little prematurely as I realise we haven’t quite finished yet. I have identified some really strong learning outcomes for the Archives and Special Collections Service, which I hope will be of use to other HE Archivists as well as to my own Service. My full paper will be available here in due course, as well as further details of the Conference.